My name is Rahul Singanal and I am a financial advisor and planner. I can advise you on the following things:
The client
My financial advice will be tailored based on your present needs and future wants. I will take into account your existing financial position and your risk tolerance to prepare a financial and investment plan for you. I use intrinsic values to calculate the value of investments and prepare scenario analyses so that whatever happens in your future, you will always be safe and financially stable.
creativity and critical thinking
Investment process
Investment is less a science and more of an art, involving various judgements and assumptions. Accounting numbers are not hard numbers, they are highly judgemental estimates. As such all financial statements are not written on stone but are subjective to multiple interpretations. I have experience investing in the market for the last two years and understand its risks and volatility. As such, I have fine tuned my investment process to maximise your profits and investment potential. The schema for my investment process is below:
Why hedge? To minimize losses and to maximize profits. To bring stability to cash flows and to keep a balanced portfolio with very less volatility. I am familiar with the different types of hedging strategies like downside risk, spread hedging, calendar spreads, option rolling etc. and will tailor your portfolio with strategies so as to minimise the volatility and losses due to market fluctuations and extreme market movements.
Derivatives are for hedging investments, business cash flows, currency movements etc. They are instruments which should be managed carefully to suit your requirements. They can make you a lot of money. They can also lose you a lot of money. As such they should be used only when required. I can advise you on using derivatives such as options, futures, forwards and swaps.
Stocks and Bonds
The simplest investments are usually the best. Bonds are the safest investments available. Stocks are not as safe as bonds but are safer than derivatives. Bonds are for safeguarding your money while stocks are for growing it while protecting you from the destruction of inflation. I can advise you on US stocks and European stocks as well as stocks in emerging markets. I can evaluate the intrinsic value of stocks and bonds for you so that you can make the right investment choices.
Mutual Fund and Exchange Traded Funds
Mutual funds are funds which are actively managed by fund managers. They are based on stock indices, sectors, commodities and many other different criteria. ETFs, an abbreviation for Exchange Traded Funds are to diversify your risk and to minimise your exposure to a single asset class. ETFs have basically boomed as an asset class due to their low fees and diversification. Among the thousands of Mutual funds and ETFs available for sale in the stock market, I can analyse and recommend for you the ones which are most suitable for your investment plan.
Financial advise for businesses
Businesses require a lot of financial advice. What to do with the cash flow? Where to borrow and at what rates? I can help your business with cash flow management and prepare for unforeseen shocks using scenario analyses and other financial techniques. Starting and running a business is never smooth sailing and to do this requires very good financial planning. I can help plan your business' finance meticulously.
About Me
My name is Rahul Singanal and I am an investment adviser. I advise clients in Bangalore and Bali. I hold an MBA from ESADE, Barcelona and a Civil Engineering degree from VTU. I have been helping people with their financial investments for the past two years. I achieved a return of 100% last year on my investments. I have expertise in energy, banking, tech and commodities. I am analytical and creative and can help you with your financial matters in a competent matter.
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